NEW! Work With Me and MY TEAM of EXPERTS to Build Your ENTIRE High-Converting, Interactive Workshop to Sell ANY Product or Service in 2022

Join Me at the First-Ever 3-Day Ultimate Workshop on Workshops!
May 17-19, 2022

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YES! I Want My Own Profitable High-Converting, Interactive Workshop!

Here’s What You’ll Get at the LIVE Workshop on Workshops:

LIVE Virtual Training Experience
We’ll dive into what your workshop should be about, how to balance teaching and selling, how to nail your pitch, how to create engagement, get people to show up, handle ALL the tech and more!

Dedicated Implementation Sessions
This is an implementation-focused event so there will be plenty of time to actually DO the work, right then and there.

Focus and Accountability
The ASK team and the coaches will be there to help you focus, stay on task, and take it over the finish line!

Small Group Breakout Sessions
Work and network in small breakout groups, practice what you’re learning with other community members, and give and receive relevant “in the moment” feedback.


No Tech? No Problem.

Value: $3,200

We’ll share the exact tools and tech we use for high-converting and interactive workshops…

  • We’re going to cover pros and cons of each virtual live event technology and which one I recommend using based on your situation...
  • How to be able to swap between SMILE, SKETCH, and SCREEN...
  • How to set everything up so there are no hiccups whether your workshop is 10, 100, or even 1000+ attendees…
  • The best tech setup based on your budget...
  • How to create branded countdown timers, attractive slide decks, diagrams, models, and more…
  • PLUS the best way to produce your workshop on a low budget (or even no budget) starting out, while still looking as professional as you can - even if you have no tech skills…

The Ultimate Workshop in a Box

Value: $5,300

Everything you need to keep track of all the things you need to do and everything you need to run your workshop…

  • How we decide what to charge, how many attendees we project, all built from the ground up, including our budget templates and profitability models...
  • Our entire pre-event checklist - including all the touch points and details mapped out to know what needs to be setup prior to actually holding your event
  • Our workshop outline template - which is designed to map out what’s happening section-by-section at your workshop, including the content, tech, and resources needed for each section…
  • All the tools, templates, and resources to run your OWN highly-profitable workshop yourself, without having to create any documents from scratch or have to reinvent the wheel

Our Workshop "Promotional Playbook"

Value: $10,000

Our ENTIRE Promotional PLAYBOOK For Generating Maximum Workshop Signups, Show-Ups, and Sales with Minimum Cost and Minimum Effort…

  • You’ll get access to our EMAIL templates, our SCRIPT templates, our PAGE templates, our Day-by-Day promotional calendar, and much more…T
  • Our Top 10 tactics for increasing registrations and attendees...
  • How to TRIPLE the number of registrants who show up live and watch your workshop replay...
  • All You Need to Do is FOLLOW this Step-By Step, Day-By-Day Playbook for your ENTIRE Workshop Marketing Campaign…

Access Our Last 3 Paid Workshops That Generated Over $1M in Revenue EACH

Value: $1M ++


Our TOP SECRET Ultimate “Workshop Traffic Hack”

The Ultimate “Workshop Traffic Hack”

We’ve Driven Workshop Webinar Cost-Per-Registration from Over $30 down to just $6.53 by Leveraging this “In Stream Audience” Workshop Traffic Hack.

This is the Single Biggest MOVE that has Transformed our Business in this Post IOS14 World and we’ll Show You How to USE this SAME Traffic Strategy No Matter What You Are Selling & No Matter What Your Traffic Budget May Be…

$15,000 Value!

Everything You Need to Build a High-Converting Workshop in Just 3 Days

  • A LIVE, Virtual 3-day Experience where we’ll Build your ENTIRE High-Converting, Interactive Workshop to Sell ANY Product or Service in 2022
  • Instead of Getting 12% of People to Show Up for Your Webinar, Skyrocket Your Showup and Conversions with a WORKSHOP!
  • Learn from me, my team and other business owners through LIVE attendee feedback, breakout small group sessions and more!
  • BONUS #1: No Tech? No Problem.
    ($3,200 value)
  • BONUS #2: The Ultimate Workshop in a Box
    ($5,300 value)
  • BONUS #3: Our Workshop "Promotional Playbook"
    ($10,000 value)
  • MASSIVE SUPER BONUS: Access Our Last 3 Paid Workshops That Generated Over $1M in Revenue EACH
    ($1M++ value)
  • FAST ACTION SUPER BONUS: Our TOP SECRET Ultimate “Workshop Traffic Hack”
    ($15,000 value)
  • Get PRE-EVENT access to my team of experts, Private Facebook Support Group (to get your questions answered), AND Pre-Work Kickoff Call together all BEFORE the event even begins!

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